Book Heroes

Each year Scholastic chooses a theme for their book fairs; this year’s theme is Heroes. Some schools are focusing on real life heroes such as firemen, and others are focusing on superheros. Last night I was talking with my sons, and they asked, “Why not book heroes, like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?” and I replied, “Yeah, why not? That’s a great idea!” So this year’s book fair at Lounsberry, which is only about a week a way, will have a “Book Heroes” theme!  So now I need your help, “Who are your favorite book heroes?”

10 thoughts on “Book Heroes

  1. Hi, it’s me I thought that for book club we could reenact the parts of the book that we were confused or shocked or any thing for that matter.So please get back to me on that. In the mean time I will think of some more ideas

  2. I’m a rely big fan if the Percy Jackson books and love to read.I wish more authors like Rick riordon would be out there. I also like Harry potter and the 39 clues I also like a series that is not published any more called animorphs by ka apple gate. I look forward to the book fair so
    Uch thanks!!!

    • Hi Jacob! I appreciate your comment, and will do my best to find new books that you will enjoy as much as those you’ve enjoyed so far. Have you read the Hunger Games? I bought 1 copy of each of the 3 books in this series for our library with some extra “found” money. It wasn’t included in our Book Fair collection, but I will be calling Scholastic on Monday to see if they can send it. There’s nothing like an awesome book!

  3. My favorite book heroes are Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I also like Dan and Amy Cahill from the 39 clues series.

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