Last week Lounsberry students participated in  a digital presentation entitled Dare to Move. The multidimensional digital performance presented stories of students who dared to defy obstacles and make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. I’d like to use this platform to continue a discussion about COURAGE, what it means to you and how it’s portrayed in media and society.

What’s Nike saying about Courage? Look carefully; the images move quickly. Keep in mind that every image was chosen purposefully. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

16 thoughts on “Courage

  1. I had courge when I was a lttile girl because I was in the hosptil because I had a heart problem so I had a heart monitor on me when I was 4, attacked to my ribs so it was not a good feeling and my sister was the same thing.

  2. I had courage when I was a lttle girl because i was in the hospital because I had a heart problem so I had a heart moniter on me when i was 4, attacked to my ribs so it was not a good feeling

  3. You can do anything even if you’re not strong. Running on prosthetic legs takes a lot of courage. If there’s an obstacle keep trying no matter what. Nike is trying to inspire you to do things that most people don’t think you can do. Just because you’re not a soldier doesn’t mean you can’t tackle obstacles.

  4. People need to try and not give up. Telling people to try new things and go for it. Nike is trying to inspire us to do things you haven’t done before. This video can give hope to people. This might inspire Anthony to be a better biker. Courage to get healthy. There are many ways to show courage “I got a soul but I’m not a soldier”. Someone with soul doesn’t give up, has passion and purpose. There are many types of battles, some within ourselves: Personal battles and we need the courage to try to win them.

  5. Hi nikey was tiring to say every day at lest one person is fighting for something. Wether it’s their life or victory, even for someone else.

    Bye,your friend,
    Joshua Koop

  6. I truly think that courage is having to braveness to stand up and do something that may be hard or something new. If you see bullying, courage would be having the braveness to stick up for the person that is being bullied. Courage isn’t typically just sports or anything else.It’s a whole gross of things that mean a lot.

  7. I was a very shy girl when I was younger. I look at the comercial as showing acheivements that took courage to acheive. I would read a lot to avoid other people but as i got older i was more of an extravert. I do not regret making lots of friends.☻

    • Kelly, thanks for sharing! What I find interesting is that our reactions are different based our personal experiences. That what makes discussion so interesting!

  8. nike is saying that you can do what ever you what ever you beleive in if you just etry and even if you get hurt you should keep trying and never give up 🙂

  9. From Mrs. Trombetta’s Computer Class. “If you just go for it you can always do it.”” You don’t have to have strength to have courage.” “Athletes are role models”. “These people weren’t afraid to do what they wanted to do.” “Courage is trying something new” “Don’t be scared to go for it” There were images other than sports, but we had trouble figuring out their purpose. Pack of animals: working as a team. Eyes Opening: seeing things in a new way. Flower: blossoming->stepping out to do something. Rocket Ship: to explore and get started.

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