Does School Kill Creativity?

This is a video was taken at a TED talk conference for kids, run by Adora Svitak, (A truly amazing kid!). The presenter is Priya Ganesan, a poet and blogger at Book Crumbs, and she believes that students’ creativity is stifled in school, because assignments come with too many rules and leave little room for out of the box thinking. I do agree with her observations that kindergarteners and lower elementary students, in general, tend to be more creative, in many ways,  than upper elementary and middle school students. What do you think? What could we do to keep kids thinking creatively?

6 thoughts on “Does School Kill Creativity?

  1. School kills creativity so much that I sometimes wish that there was no school at all. School should have more creativity. I don’t even care if we stay longer! Please do something!! SOS!!

  2. Yes and no. It depends what class I am in.In science I am allowed to think outside the box. Yes there are requirements but I can design stuff my way. Once we made a glogster we had a list of items we need to have in it but we could put whatever we wanted on it as long as it went with the subject. In L.A. and math we really do not do major projects and stuff like that. In S.S. we do a lot of thinking. My teacher Mr.L. discusses a lot with us and our ideas. I really do not know the anwser.

  3. I think school kills creativity. Sitting in a classroom all day makes me really bored. School needs to be more fun and exiting.

  4. I thought the nike commercial was pretty cool because courage is a very good thing for everyone to have. Sports takes courage because if you were to mess up many people would be upset so it takes courage to get back up there and try again knowing you could miss a goal or loose

  5. “More socialization” “more choices for instruments allowed to play in school” “Being able to work more freely” “Being able to change things up to make it your own””Be able to put your own personality in artwork” ” More choices for expressing learning”

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