Calling All Collectors!

Pez Dispenser Collection

Lounsberry’s Library is your Library. Your place, for amongst other things, sharing. In light of that…

Did anyone see the signs outside the library doors? They read, “Are you a collector? Will your collection fit in this display case? Do you want to show your stuff here? See Mrs. Schiano.”

Someone asked, “I don’t really get it. What does this have to do with a library?” Any thoughts?

(photo by Benimoto See

12 thoughts on “Calling All Collectors!

  1. Yes i would like to. So when do i give them to you? I have to check the blog everyday to find out or?
    please right back laura.

    • Laura. Come down to the library and we’ll talk. Last night I created a display of recycled book art in that case because no one offered a collection! (Except for Mr. Mahr’s “pencilinis” which will be pretty cool!). I’m thinking that I’ll change the case in 2-3 weeks and we’ll do collections. Thanks!

  2. I so mean stickers and I don’t know, maybe because they’re in a book like a book of my stickers like one sticker is a happy birthday sticker and so I dont know. I will get back to you on that.

  3. Laura- This is a silly question, but when you wrote sticks you mean stickers, right? 2,000 wow! Let me know if you’d like to display them in the display case outside the library door.

  4. I collect sticks because when i was little i liked them so yea. I have over 2,000 sticks because I was collecting them for over 8 years and for my birthday my aunt would get me a book of 100 stickers and my mom would get me a book 90 stickers so yea.

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