I can’t believe that I even feel uncomfortable writing this word out in this post! You guys say it all the time, and it’s continually used in current fiction. I’m sure it’s generational, but it’s not something I’m comfortable saying, or for that matter writing. This is my issue though, and I would never think of not purchasing a book simply because the author chose to use this word. Until….the other day I was introducing TumbleReadables, a read aloud database, to a class of fifth graders. While listening to the beginning of  what was labeled as an age appropriate book together as a class, the young female voice, who was reading the text, came to the sentence, “My life pretty much s*cks”, and I was taken aback;  I even questioned myself sharing this reading with the class. So my question is, “Does a word seem more offensive when it’s spoken, as opposed to written?” and “Should my criteria for what’s acceptable in audio books be different than what’s acceptable in written text?” I’d love to hear your thoughts!

19 thoughts on “S*cks

  1. I do think s**ck isn’t a good word to use. It tells the person the wrong message of who you are. Alot of celebraties use that word so all the fans think it is a cool thing to do, its not. I understand why you would use it but, it tells the wrong story.

  2. I think i have to use the word s*cks because most of the time i just get mad if i cant do something so i just say this s*cks. Sometimes people think that it is funny when you say the word s*cks but most of the time i just get introuble if i say it but not all the time. I think it is alright to use the word s*cks because if your just saying it to your self it is ok. But if you are saying it to someone it is not ok.

  3. The word S*cks is uncalled for. You can walk down the hall and hear s*cks 10 times in 20 feet. Almost everyone in the school said s*cks. The way you say it is not always bad, but when you say life s*cks, that takes it into another hand.

  4. OK. Books are books and you cant change them. Its really up to you to read a book with this certain word.Me? Yes, I hav read a book with s*cks in it, and it was from the school . Im not saying that you should say it, but you still cant change the book! If you feel differently…write what you think below.

  5. In my opinion i honeslty think s*cks isnt that bad of a word, although it sounds worse said than read, its not deliberatley calling anyone one a name. I do agree though that this word should not be said around younger children.

  6. I think s*cks is not a bad word, and it is not a good word. I think that as long as you are not saying it towards somebody, I think it is fine. Then again that is my opinion.

  7. I think the word sucks is not really a bad word. Like people say it a lot, and there are worse words out there. my opinion.(:

  8. Suck is not a good word but not a bad word. I think it is ok to use it as long as it is not going to another person.But that is my opinion

  9. We think that even though a book says the word s*ck you should still enjoy reading it. Its not the worst word but it may influence young children

  10. I think the word s*cks is a bad word especially when the person is saying their life s*cks, but as Amber said I’d keep reading the book, but saying the word too much is definitely NOT okay.

  11. The word s*cks is a word that some people use when they’re upset but you should not be saying that word because say your grandma dies and you get angry with your mom you might say to your grandma in heaven “grandma you s*ck for giving birth to this monster” or something like that and you might not like that in the future so you will say to your mom I am sorry for saying that you mom s*cks and she might NOT forgive you because that is her mom and why should YOU be saying to her when she is in heaven so ALL of Lousberry lets not say the word s*cks to anyone even someone you hate just don’t and if you don’t you MIGHT be friends in the future

  12. I believe that the word s*cks is not a nice word because sometimes when you say that when you get angry you might say something you will not like and it will hurt the other people in your family. Also that the word s*cks is a nasty word like if you have a little brother or sister. when they hear you saying that word they might say it too because they are supposed to learn from you just not bad things. You can also get in trouble by a parent because they might think that it is a nasty word to.

  13. I think it would be more offensive if it was spoken, because If someone says it straight to your face, then it could be more hurtful. So my answer would be yes, maybe it is more hurtful when spoken. I usually never use this word, as i think its not right to say. Those are my thoughts.

  14. I think s*cks is an inappropriate word, but I say it sometimes. I feel that its not a bad word, but its not a good word.

  15. Sometimes, I feel like I have to say this word because everyone else says it. I get a lot of peer pressure sometimes and I don’t think this word is very nice to say. And whenever I am about to say it, I try to think first. I say in my mind, “Is this a good word to say?” I usually end up saving myself, and don’t say it. I am not forcing anyone into NOT saying it, but all I am saying is that it isn’t very nice to say.

  16. I believe that the word s*ucks is not GREAT word if it is being said, but if it is a book that you really enjoy than i don’t think that anyone should not read the book, unless there is a great amount of times that word is used in a book. Than it would be there choice I have no say in that. Personally if I was reading a book with that word used more than 5 times in that entire book i might just have to put the book down and continue to another one. I am not so happy when i hear people saying it to another person, but if they are saying” Wow my life really s*cks,” than I would not hold it against them.

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