Survey Time

Sleeping Schmoo
Photo from Flickr by Perfect Insecto

My son Charlie is having a really hard time getting up for school these days, so  I was wondering how you get up for school. Please take a survey by cliking here, and I’ll fill you in on the results ASAP!

5 thoughts on “Survey Time

  1. My alarm clock is my ipod. It wakes me up in time for shcool. but it doestint wake me up sometimes so my mom has to come to my room.

  2. I have an alarm clock thaqt goes off every moring at 6:25 i sleep an extra five minutes at the end of my five minutes my dad pops in to make sure i get up

  3. I used to get up whenever my dad woke me up, but I got this Awesome alarm clock that also lets you wake by listening to your favorite songs. It is also a charger for your ipod. And also a stereo. It is an epic alarm clock.

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