What Does Reading Do for You?

Love this video found on ESPN’s website. At the start of last school year many students at Lounsberry created a Reading Plan. Part of that plan required students to consider “why they like to read” or “why they want to like to read“.  Readers shared their thoughts and although the idea of calming came up many times, no one discussed that that sense of calming could actually help with focus afterward! Who knew? I think I’m sensing a new trend! Although Lebron’s best performance occurs on the court with a basketball in hand, this librarian thinks he looks way cool focused on reading in the locker room!

4 thoughts on “What Does Reading Do for You?

  1. Wonderful LeBron! Hopefully this short video will be contagious! Keep up the great work!! My students perked up when they saw you reading! I know it made a difference! Thank you so much!! Read on….

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