The Global Read Aloud

For going on three weeks now Lounsberry Hollow students have been enjoying reading The One and Only Ivan in the library during their lunch periods. Students from all over the world have been doing the same thing thanks to the Global Read Aloud Project started by the awesome Pernille Ripp. We’ve been keeping up with others through the Twitter hash tag #glread12, classroom blog posts and more. Our period four lunch students created a video as a contest entry to win a Skype session with the author, Katherine Applegate. Although our video was less that awe inspiring, we learned a lot in the process: how to work collaboratively to create a script and  choose actors, that green screens need proper lighting, and it’s best to hold video cameras horizontally! Most importantly we learned that we learn more from the process than the product. Although we’ve had a few interruptions in reading, due to necessary class meetings, background noise and more, Katherine Applegate’s inspiring story and beautiful language has kept us hanging on every word. Thank you Ms. Applegate for your beautiful story and to Pernille Ripp for your inspiration.

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