Banned Books

Hi all! Had this posted on last month during Banned Books Week. Thought I’d keep it here because:

  1. I think it’s awesome, and
  2. I think it lends itself so well to student discussion: Why do you think people feel strongly about removing books from schools that they see as in some way inappropriate? Do people have the right to make those kinds of decisions for the entire community? How might you compare website filtering to  banning books?

For more information about banned books, go to ALA Banned Books Week page.


2 thoughts on “Banned Books

  1. I agree with Mackenzie i think we should not get rid of a book for a word that is inappropriate. We might like the book and then before you know it ban the book is banned. None of it is fair.

  2. Banned books…one bad sentence and there out. A good book ruined for a single thing it says. To take a book out of places… it’s not fair to those who do not care about one silly comment, word, or sentence. I admit, and I think others agree too, a lot of the books I read may have one of the properties that they would ban a book for.

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