Pep Talk Going Viral


Hi all! This video is going viral on Youtube and my Personal Learning Network (PLN) absolutely loves it; I think you will too! Take a few minutes to listen and let me know what you think and why you think it’s so popular. Looking forward to your comments!


9 thoughts on “Pep Talk Going Viral

  1. When i watched this video , this kid was encouraging kids to go after there dreams and to never give up. Also he was encouraging kids and people that just because your small doesn’t mean you can’t do things and make a difference. This person will hopefully send a big message to people and kids.

  2. I enjoyed watching this video. I can really relate to what he’s trying to express. He wants everyone to be successful, as well as himself. He has big dreams and that everyone should dream big. Also, he wants everyone to go for their dreams. Furthermore, he wants the Earth to be a better place for everyone.

  3. I think this video will lift your spirit if you are down. Making the world a better place to live is a very important thing to do. There would be no wars. No one would have to risk their life for us. There would be peace. Peace is just what we need in this world. He says what people need to hear to be inspired. Why can’t everyone feel what he feels . The world would a much better place.

  4. This kid has it all figured out. He understands the rules to have a happier life. Follow your dreams, and more. We can certainly make the world a better place to live in. And although just a child, he would make an amazing president.

  5. I think that this video is going viral because he says what everyone wants to here. He said that we should follow our dreams and keep going. I agree with him when he says that being boring is easy and someone needs to stand up and not be boring. Someone needs to stand up to take the road less traveled and to take their own path.

  6. I really enjoyed watching this video. This kid has good encourage and wants everyone to do well in life and in their career.

  7. This kid knows what he is talking about. He is just tying to make the world a better place. He says to wake up and live life. Even know this kid is just a kid I think he would make an outstanding president.

  8. I think that this video is very true. We should try to make a difference in the world and try to make it a better place to live in.

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