Divergent Movie Spoiler Alert!

Our book club kids had a great time on Friday night at the Divergent Premier! Because the closest theater is at least 45 minutes away from our school, we decided to go as a group, rent a party bus and make it a big time celebration! We had a great time! On the way home, the kids did what we all do after seeing the movie version of a favorite book, talk about the differences!

Missing Stuff:

  • Visiting Day
  • The butter knife in Edward’s eye!
  • The line: Four: “You could have killed me” Tris: “I would have let you”
  • Tris calling Four Tobias
  • Uriah, Marlene, Zeke, Lynn
  • Rita’s sister’s fall

Extra stuff:

  • Tris never threw a knife at Janine’s hand
  • Four seeing the serum operation
  • Molly saying, “Cool Tris”

Just differences!:

  •  Mom dies later in movie



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