More Choice…Less Rules


Today in school I spoke with a group of sixth graders about creativity in school…and here’s what they said!

Can you share a class or a project, which gives or gave you the chance to be creative?

These students happen to be knee deep into a science project in which they were given free choice in how to present their learning about plate tectonics. All that I spoke with referred to this project; two of the girls were creating an animation in scratch. They also shared a social studies project, when they were asked to research any ancient civilization they wanted and recreate an artifact to represent their chosen civilization. When I asked if they could think of anything else, they all agreed on art class. One student added that they are allowed to be creative in most of their presentations. When I asked her to be more specific, she said with posters and slides.

Do you think that choice inspires you to be creative?

They all agreed…yes. However, they were definitely more definitive when considering their current science project. Some said that their parents needed to help with their social studies projects and so they weren’t as creative.

Do you think that being creative helps you learn?

They all agreed…yes, with respect to their science projects especially. Some weren’t sure, with regards to other projects they had mentioned.

Do you think that technology helps you be more creative?

They all agreed…. yes, “because you can make videos, posters and games”

Do you like using technology for learning?

Most students said yes, but a couple said that they like hands on projects better.

What would you do to make learning a better experience?

We would have more choice and less rules!