Take a Shelfie!

Hi all! I played with Pixlr last night to take my own Shelfie. Now that I feel more confident using this awesome free Photoshop like tool, I would love to have students create their own shelfies, thereby considering their past reading, sharing books they liked for others to consider and learning to use a Photoshop type application! […]

Divergent Movie Spoiler Alert!

Our book club kids had a great time on Friday night at the Divergent Premier! Because the closest theater is at least 45 minutes away from our school, we decided to go as a group, rent a party bus and make it a big time celebration! We had a great time! On the way home, the kids did what we all do after seeing the movie version of a favorite book, talk about the differences!

Missing Stuff:

  • Visiting Day
  • The butter knife in Edward’s eye!
  • The line: Four: “You could have killed me” Tris: “I would have let you”
  • Tris calling Four Tobias
  • Uriah, Marlene, Zeke, Lynn
  • Rita’s sister’s fall

Extra stuff:

  • Tris never threw a knife at Janine’s hand
  • Four seeing the serum operation
  • Molly saying, “Cool Tris”

Just differences!:

  •  Mom dies later in movie



Are You Up to the Challenge?


Why Personal Choice Independent Reading?

We want you to enjoy the reading experience! The more you read the better you get at it and I promise, the more you’ll enjoy it!

The Challenge:

Read 20 books this school year:

ONE from each of the GENRES below..

  • Fantasy or Science Fiction
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Graphic Novels
  • Nonfiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Poetry or Novel in Verse

The rest are up to you. If you’re reading a book in class you may include it. If the book is 350 pages or more, it counts as 2!

We’ll figure out the best way for keeping track of our reading ASAP. Any ideas let me know!

Anyone else thinking party in the library to celebrate?

Challenge yourself and JOIN us below!

Blogging About Books: Join the Conversation!

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 5.22.39 PM

Share your summer reads by adding a comment to this post. Great book shares include:

  • the Book Title
  • the Author
  • a SHORT Summary without giving away the ending
  • What you liked or didn’t like about the book, and
  • What kind of readers might enjoy it.

Thanks for sharing! Don’t let your brain freeze; keep reading and learning all summer and be the best that you can be!






Fiction Redo? But How?

Books Shop from Photos 8 http://photos8.org/details.php?gid=45&pid=8736

I’ve been surveying students since the start of the school year about re-shelving fiction according to genre, and everyone seems to agree that we should go for it. I think we should start by relabeling books, using vivid genre labels, before we actually move books around, just in case we have an overabundance of “mixed genre” books in our collection. No matter what, we’ll need to start by choosing a selection of genres to label! If there are too many, it might get confusing. Here’s what I’m thinking:
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction
..but then there’s Chick Lit, Adventure, and Horror? I need your help! How many should we have and what should they be? What’s your favorite Fiction genre? Is it included in this list?